Sunday, March 31, 2013

Corregated cardborad and plastics are in vogue fashions for News Desk and Signs!

I've recently accumulated a huge bounty of useful crap from much good stuff
in fact, that I was inspired to use it to craft a new advertising  campaign targeting the local
MM readers/viewers. I've provided a glimpse of what these items were originally intended
for. I'm going to write more here about my new advertising campaign in which
these items will be used.
Check out this video where I'm towing my box of crap behind my suitcase/handtruck late
the other night. That's against the law btw...towing a box without any lights, no tow hitch, no dmv reg. no Ca. auto insurance, no Ca DL! Jeez...the po-leece see that shit and they would tow my suitcase to the DMV impound yard and haul my white trash to jail. That's why we must do our R&D and prototyping work between 10pm and 5am when its dark and desolate.

That way when stuff explodes, starts smoking baddly or one of our modestly paid "New Product Test Subjects" acciently loses a couple of fingers or an eye after shit goes wrong, we can usually get things back under control and remedy the situation without attracting gobment officials. We're not doing anything bad or immoral btw, its  just that our innovative/inventive talent is so irrepressibly explosive and undenibaly useful that we cannot always contain nor throttle down the scientific process as it manifests itself with such natural exuberance.

Below is my new news desk...courtesy of Albertsons! Well, they didn't actually stalk me down and award me with this chunk of cardboard. I had to initiate the 'appropriations process' myself  after store hours and by Sunrise, I had completed the transfer of  cardboard assets from their loading dock to the Popular Hoboi Newsroom Studios.

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