Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Big Big Big New Car Sales Event...where were YOU!?

I met a long haul trucker a couple of years ago in Mira Mesa when I was living in my car behind the Lucky Seafood store. He rolled up behind my car in his 18 wheeler loaded with new cars. As I recall,
I got out of my car to investigate the situation as I never knew that Gemini was a truck stop/rest area.
So I met the driver. His name is Lou and he's a really nice/cool guy. We talked for a while and  before his wife came to pick him up, I jokingly offered to guard his load of new cars while he went home to sleep. The next day when he arrived back to his truck, I told him that he needs to wait until at least 10am before leaving to deliver his load of cars. He smiled and asked why. I told him why.
"Lou after you left, I made some signs, blew up some party balloons and had me a MIDNIGHT MADNESS NEW CAR BLOWOUT SALE!!! I sold all 8 of your cars...I blew 'em out for $800/each!
I took cash deposits and the owners are coming here any time now to pay me the balance and take their new cars home. But don't worry, Lou, I'll pay you a little something afterward since they were on your truck... would $400 be sufficient?" :)

He got a chuckle out of that one not really considering that there ARE customers out here who would JUMP at the chance to snatch a brand freakin new car for 1/25th of its market value from a hobo if they thought they could get away with it. Of course, if I started selling his cars, I'd need to have an escape plan...those po-leece would be all over my white trash from here to Kittery, Maine! I'd be on the 12 o'clock, the 6 o'clock and the 11 o'clock news. ("Look, Ma, I'm on Tee Vee!") . I saw Lou very seldom...only a few times a year and we always had friendly conversation. Nice guy!

Well, this past Sunday, while I was in Kearny Mesa next to Walmart flying my hobo sign, I thought I saw Lou's truck rolling down the street. But its been so long since I last saw him that I wasn't 100% certain it was him. So I walked down the street where he parked and I'll be damned, sure enough, it was my friend Lou!

We talked for a while and he said he needed to run into Walmart to get a few things. As soon as he jumped down from his cab to go shoppin', I got busy with my biggest Sharpie marker and made myself a sign! You guessed it--its time for another INSANE  SCOTTY'S CURBSIDE CAR SALES EVENT!! As I've mentioned and have shown you in some of my previous posts, I have lots of jiffy sign making materials to create BIG loud bright and enticing signs. A good sign with the right words can be very compelling especially when the words are "NEW CARZ  4 SALE...$500/EA CASH ONLY"! But there I was in Kearny Mesa, equipped with nothing more than a fat Sharpie marker but nothing good to write on. :<.

Because time was of the essence, I was trying to BLOW OUT his new Audi 's for only $500 cash money!!Imagine driving home in a new 2013 $23,000 Audi for a little more than the cost of a cart full of groceries!!!Imagine trying to convince the cops that you didn't steal the car-- you bought 
it from an honest looking fast talking hobo. 

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