Monday, February 18, 2013

Mira Mesa Hobo's Prompt/Capable First Aid Skills Prove Useless After Ped. Is Hit By SUV

Less than two hours ago, as I was sitting on the porch beside the CVS Drugstore watching traffic,
a silver Toyota SUV slammed into a pedestrian before my eyes. After hearing a loud thud sound made by the SUV and seeing light colored mass/blob flash above the roof of the car, the car stopped.

I ran quickly to the scene to ascertain the situation and as I approached, I saw the victim lying face
down in the far right hand lane. At first glance I thought it was one of the local hobos whom I see everyday as he was a black, heavyset male approx, 40 to 45 yrs old. I checked to make sure that traffic had stopped and then I jumped down on my knees to tend to him as best as I could while calling 911. I felt his pulse and I saw that he was breathing but his internal and head  injuries were so severe that it seemed impossible that he was still alive. His eyes were open but hisd pupils were fully dialated. A motorist came to assist me and we rolled the man onto his side to prevent him from choking on his blood which was pouring out of his mouth. I then ran 50 ft or so over to the
"crows nest" (the fav daytime beer drinking spot behind the US Bank) and grabbed up a pile of
hobo blankets and sheets that were being used recently by an out of town female guess hobo.
I raced back to the victim and carefully placed a couple of clean/non-soiled folded blankets
beneath his head and held his wrist to feel his pulse until the paramedics arrived.

The first responder was a SDPD officer who didn't disrupt nor try to improve whatever it was
me and the motorist guy were doing. Basically, we were both trying to comfort this poor guy with
an ever sinking feeling of helplessness and sadness knowing that he may die any second in our hands.
When the paramedics arrived a few minutes later, I left the scene for a moment to run down the ally and wake  David Mick up  inside the dumpster pen behind Albertsons. Since David Mick is the most frequently  injured "victim" the paramedics are usually called to tend to, I knew he would enjoy getting up out of his sleeping bag to come out and gawk and listen to all the fire/rescue crew, the dozen or so cops walking around, the half mile or so long streamers of yellow police caution tape everywhere and  three TVnetwork news team trucks with lights and cameras and all.

The paramedics loaded the victim inside the ambulance and drove away without lights and sirens,
which is an indication that the man may have died at the scene. The cops made me hang around  so they could get my report as the only eye witness to the actual accident. After the cops took my report they let me go to get my camera and laptop so I could capture this  BREAKING NEWS and update my blog asap.

My prayers tonight go out to the family of the young male victim whom I wished I could have helped. I regret that I have no info about him or his family whatsoever. (ref to Channel 6 and 8 for
more details... yeah I know I should put links here for their websites. You need to know also that its 1:24 am here in Hoboville and I'm freezing my ass off outside here at Jersey Mikes to update this blog and I'm going to bed now.) And I'm sending a special prayer to the poor young female driver of the SUV whom struck him. There was, IMO, nothing she could have done to avoid hitting the man, yet she will surely be traumatized by this unfortunate accident for  msny years to come knowing that she actually took a human life tonight.

God, that is so anguishing. I hope she knows the Lord and finds peace with herself. I also hope that she had good auto insurance and that she's able to get her life back on track soon.
Good Night from the news desk of Popular Hobo News and Entertainment..I'm Scott.


  1. Your post has me crying for my brother who died that night. He was very loved and chose a life that kept him away from us. Thank you from my entire family for tending to him.

    1. I want to thank you as well. He was the father of my two daughters and we will forever miss and love him. I'm just so relieved to know that he had someone by his side before he left us all. thank you again

    2. My prayers are with you both as well as your daughters.
      Mira Mesa residents are still troubled by the sccident
      and continue and your emails hsve helped us to learn a bit
      more about him.