Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Boogie Man/Terroroist At Large In Mira Mesa

I waited and waited for the SDPD spokesman to hold a press conference to explain why there is a known madman and certifialble violent terrorist riding freely and fearlessly around in traffic and along the sidewalks of Mira Mesa on his black Harley-Davidson/Schwinn beach cruiser bicycle making death threats to local residents (including myself). I was told later that the press conference was called off due to concerns that the Mira Mesa residents, upon hearing that their community is underseige by one drunken toothless tweeker who rides a bicycle, the residents may either riot in the streets or, more likely, may flee their homes enmass and seek refuge in Orange Cty or Riverside Cty where those police know how to deal with insane terrorist hobos: They shoot the muthafucka!

SDPD refuses to admit that there is an imminent danger posed by this indivdual at this time and they advise all residents to lock all doors and windows and call 911 if they see or hear something that sounds like Scott's very good and accurate portrayal of this toothless maggot's voice (its very much like Sylvester- the- cat as his "S"'s come out all mushy and sideways 'cause the asshole's toothless).**

There are no jails that can contain him..he just slithers out beneath the doors. And because his blood is so polluted by incurable diseases, illegal drugs and alcohol 24/7, there is no chemical nor pesticide toxic enough to exterminate him. He looks like a human skeleton with a small reptile-like skull on top. The bones are laminated with some sort of ancient dried goatskin that was once used as a doodle pad back in the 1920's by unskilled comic book sketch artists and early 20th century Nazi party founders. The ink those doodle sketchers used is now faded on the cracking, scarred, and defective goatskin cover He calls the doodle marks "tats" and he thinks his bicycle is a Harley! Yes, I know it sounds as if we're dealing with a young child (6 to 9 yrs of age)

Can one medically insane, 6ft tall, 110 lb. diseased and drunk, tweeker, car thief, hobo really and actually incite public unrest in the quite peaceful Mira Mesa community? Hmmmm... I don't think so. It looks like everyone here is resting quite well...that is,except for myself. He told me and David Mick that he was coming back to kill me with a knife last night. I guess he was too busy trying to find someone to sell him some drugs and he decided to reschedule my murder for another night.
Why is after me you ask? There is no reason. I assuem that he's just filled with envy and bile
because he 's  a lifestyle /career LOSER. 

Chris White is his name and he's a 53yrs old walking/limping image of death and evil and his shot-out, sucked-up, sickly boney body and prune face makes him appear 70+ yrs.

Listen below to my Chris White voice immitation...try it yourself and then let your children try it..Its fun!! If you ever liked Sylvester the cat then you'll get a kick listening to Chris White when he's having one of his daily cerebral meltdown/violent fits of rage! He's dangerous.

The first time he started shit with me was nearly 3 yrs ago. He made the mistake of jumping off his bike and trying to fight me like a man (with his fists up and coming at me head-on) one morning while I was talking to Uncle Bill, a local cab driver. I was getting tired of hearing his senseless yapping slanderous manic screaming and seeing his scribbling of my name all across town defacing public and private property everywhere he went with his infantile messages:
 "Scott has aids...Scott is a faggot... Scott is a pussy..etc etc." and he always signed his name to them.

So when he came at me, with a left hook I just blocked it and snatched him by the front of his hoodie and face-planted him into the pavement  beside Bill's taxicab. Then I flipped him over onto his back with my knee in his throat and he was still running his yapper. He didn't have his dentures in and so I slipped my entire blade of my hand into his mouth  and with my thumb positioned beneath his chin I was able to squeeze and twist on his lower jaw and stop that yapper from talking. With my hand still deep into his filthy mouth, I then began to pound out/tamp and flatten a few small bumps in the pavement I 'd noticed when driving my car there using the flat spot on the back of his bald
hard head. That flat spot worked like a charm on those pesky asphalt bumps. and that was probably the ,most useful "work" his head has ever contributed to in his life. It worked really well on those tiny bumps but it would have been ideal to use that skull bone for a more useful job like cracking open walnuts and pecans. After a bunch of firm slams against the pavement i noticed that his skull began to leak. Not wanting to spoil my nice jacket with Type 2 and 3 hep blood, I decided to punch his face one time and then let him go.

The seccond time he attacked me was at the MM Library and he used a knife.
Amazingly, I somehow backflipped of the bench I was on and avoided my throat getting slashed.
I jumped up and ran across the street to Vons and called 911. When the cops arrived, of course Chris White was gone and so they arrested me instead! I had beer on my breath and so they arrested me for drunk in public. I wasn't drunk at all.

Sometimes i don't know when or if to call the cops for things like attempted murder or yesterday's death threats.They've arrested him so many times that I guess they must be bored of it all.

**Note: The afore mention of SDPD was introduced into this blog news report
artificially with a deceptive and purely fictional presence/role. Although Chris White
did promise to kill me yesterday, I've not spoken to any SDPD officers about Chris White.

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