Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Northpark Connection

Four reasons why I like this Laundry Mat @ Arizona & University Ave.(North Park):
1)Free Wifi and a broadcast studio quality NEWS DESK (see below)
2)friendly people (not edgy weirdo types) although Ingles no hablo muy mucho. :)
3)vending machines w/ fair prices
4) cheap friendly priced coin op washers and dryers!!
   Prices are 50% less than in MM!!!

In less time than it takes to make change from a five dolla bill, I was all set up at their
NEWS DESK, online with their wifi signal, sipping a 211, snackoing on some cookies.
while editing news content and getting my clothes clean! How that for multi-tasking!


  1. Great blog P.H.

    One blogger to another, may I suggest adding a semi-translucent background around your text to increase readability.

    Keep telling your story!

    1. Thanks for checking out my new blog and I really appreciate critique and tips from other bloggers!
      I agree this presentation has become something less than soothing to the eyes and I'm still tweeking
      my template to improve several things I've noticed. Text, especially my long winded adventures
      must be soothing and require no effort to read. This may take a while for me to adjust however
      because a boogieman/asshole stole my Macbook two days ago in North Park @ Starbucks
      while I was literally typing/working!! (After 23 yrs. in SD and I'd never realized
      North Park is a ghetto...) Thanks for your comments/thoughts!