Thursday, March 7, 2013

¡¡¡wE're xPeriencing Techno Difficulty...Please Stand By!!!

In the past 36 hrs or so the Popular Hobo News & the  Entertainment engineering crew, has been working round the clock to get this blog back online in safe operating order. Due to the highly unstable znd ambulatory nature  of  the "news desk" and  our facilities lately, we sometimes must shut down the news desk editing and report writing operations in a hasty and disorderly fashion.

Like last night  when its closing time on the outside flight deck of the U.S.S. Starbucks Coffee shop and the First Mate and Deckhand come flying out the front door with a big mop and a bucket and start swabbing down the flight deck right where you're posted up and spread out all over the table with cameras, memory card readers, Macbooks, mice ,mouse pads, beer cans, coffee cups, ashtrays, and 6 or 8 bags and envelopes full of crap,  you don't have time to throttle down and close the operation correctly. No,instead you've gotta start snatching cords out of electrical sockets, stuffing your crap intto backpacks and suitcases, and clearing off tabletops with one sweep of your arm if you want to keep your shit from being flooded or broken. Or like when you're trying to sort thru your picture files and upload a photo to your blog while you're sitting on the crapper inside the grocery store. That's when it seems like all of the sudden everyone in the store and within a 1/4 mile radius has to take an urgent dump in the crapper you're using! You're sitting there watching the progress bar slowly creep along as your photo is being uploaded.

There are times when I refuse to be rushed along by stressed out over-worked tax payers who live inside doors with utilities,and toilets. After several minutes I decide to give them a reason to go elsewhere... "Go away...THIS TOILET IS OUT OF ORDER....I''m having a long slow medical emergency in here...GO AWAY...I'm in labor in contractions are coming hard and fast now...30 seconds apart...Uhhhhhhhhh!! Huuuuuummmmmmph!!!Oooooooooohhhhh!! I think I'm gonna give birth within the next 2 to 3 hours.... but you know how these things can be ... you may wanna just GO AWAY...or you may wanna go find  a diaper if you're gonna wait...Urrrrrrrrrhh!!"

I'm used to being in "public" 24/7 where everything you need to do requires using a public facility of some sort or doing personal things in front of gawking speechless civilians and snickering assholes. Whether its brushing my teeth, washing my hair or working on my Mac and blog. But it gets a bit reckless trying to work online in fits and stops when I'm forced to pick up and  move from place to place.That's when things start to falter or suddenly crash.My blog didn't crash per se...I almost blew it up /demolished it accidently. It was very easy to do and that's what's scary. (I simply clicked on a different template design to check it out and when I clicked, I lost my entire original customized template that I'd worked on and fine tuned for many hours. I never did recover it but I did learn from that mistake.) I hate things that that are deceptively fragile or prone to breakage/failure.
Needless to say, living outside out of a suitcase and a backpack and walking all over town
with my Macbook, digi camera, spare and other small pricey electronic devices is risky business.
I debated about starting this blog for many weeks and decided to go ahead with it because
this "news"is the sort of content that you can't replicate at some later date and as I've mentioned, I don't plan on being a hobo for much longer.

But before I move out of Hoboville, I wanna try and present the best and the worst human experiences that the other hobos and I see and deal with everyday.

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