Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Extending The Life Of Your Disposable Razors

Even before I became homeless I had devised a method to get more than one or two shaves out of the cheapest disposable razors. It works like magic and it takes only seconds.Even YOU can do this!
(I feel I need to hype/promote this message because there are some low wattage folks on the
 internet who will think this some theoretical discussion.)

I like those 20-for-$1.90 razors from Big Lots. They don't get much cheaper than that (price wise).  By far the cheapest quality razors ever made are the ones they hand  out in county jail. But no matter where it comes from, my method works to extend the life of the razor. Everyone I know used disposables and they all just throw them out after one use.
How much beer $$$ are they wasting spending it on new razors?


Its time for me buy a new bag-o-razors but this morning, as you can see in the video,
 I squeezed one more shave out of two used razors that I'd used at least twice before.

First of all 
while you're shaving with a new blade,
 keep the razor head clean by tapping it on the sink and rinsing it out every 15 strokes or so.
Don't just drag/rake a razor across your skin over and over until its clogged and then toss it away 
thinking the blade is dull. Hey, are you a retard!!? Its not dull-its clogged with crap, so clean it out!
 After you're finished shaving, again clean the razor head. I use a 
 soft toothbrush and making gentle sweeps beneath the blade(s) loosens
the stubble/hair trapped inside.
I get three shaves min.
from my razors.


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