Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fleeing FromThis Crime Spree/North Park ASAP!!

Okay, okay...its not even April yet and I've already exceeded my entire annual allotment worth of
priceless "safe keeping/protection" granted to me by the good Lord above and now its time for
me to flee from this high risk zone of mortal terror, imminent danger and lawlessness known
as North Park before I add any more to the recorded/documented crime statistics for 2013.
 BTW, I'm not still whining and carrying on about the recent theft of my Macbook containing over
$1500 worth of software and over 30Gb of my copyright customized photographic and music
content from the sidewalk in front of Starbucks @ 2899 University Ave.

That was breaking news two weeks ago, and yes, I'm still pissed about it but I'm here today to
bring you what it is you came to read about...

BRAND NEW BREAKING NEWS OF REAL, TRUE, FRESH, BONE CHILLING,HEART RACING, HOBO TERROR AND SUSPENSE presented in the raw gritty unfiltered unrestrained style that
you would expect an emotionally charged witness/victim of yet another vicious attack by local 

Last night while walking back to the apartment from the Filter Coffee shop in Hillcrest three latio/black kids (18 -20 yrs old) began following me as I walked from past Texas Ave. up University Ave toward 30th St.They began hollering and taunting me as they walked faster to catch up to me.After I stopped twice and told them not to fuck with me they began to throw rocks and cans at me, striking me in the back
 and legs a few times. I kept my cool and just kept walking.

I didn't warn them that I was carrying a can of pepper spray in my fist and nor did I mention that the
16" butcher knife in my shirt sleeve was as sharp as a razor. My goal was NOT to defend myself with these tools but to try and to get home to the apt. without any problems.

Before walking up to the apt. I pulled out my cel phpne and dialled 911 in hopes that they would
leave before the cops came. They did run. And then I went up to the apt. Suddenly as I was about to go inside  they all ran up toward me as if they were going to either try to beat me up/take my computer or perhaps go into the apt. I pounded onthe wall of the building and began yelling  for people to
WAKE UP  WE HAVE A PROBLEM OUTSIDE HERE!! As porch lights came on and people started to move around inside their apts the punks ran like cockroaches!!

I told the neightbors what had happened and apologized for waking them up at 1245am. Of Uncle Bill
whom I'm staying with didn't get up at all but instead just started yelling at me when I went inside for waking him up. Asshole.

And so there you have the last such episode I'll be reporting about from this fucking dangerous
crime scene called North Park.

I'm leaving here and either going to a hotel or back to MM asap! I may go into a rehab place
next week but I've said that several times before and it never happens.

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