Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm an incurable MAC that so wrong?

To those of you whom are skeptical about the POPULAR HOBO's integrity..."How does a hobo afford to buy a Macbook unless it was a stolen one?"As I said before, I buy all my stuff at retail stores and I pay with 'hobo cash' that I made from panhandling  and doing odd jobs here and there. And then, last week I reported that I got my Macbook stolen by a thug/ghetto thief!! Its true that I am a hobo and its also true that I got my Macbook stolen out of my hands last week at friggin' Starfucks coffee shop @2899 University Ave. and guess what--I just bought another Macbook!
And here's where I bought it...

Call these guys at 619-255-4333. Tell 'em you're sick and tired of your virus/malware sickened Windowz PC and you're ready to step up to a clean, fast and reliable Macintosh! Tell them you need
a laptop that's built to withstand the rough, furious, filthy, fast paced (with lights and sirens all
around you) and dangerous lifestyle of a goddamn HOBO! :)

Btw, I'm sorry I got a little carried away in my zeal and support for these guys at DC Computers. That part about getting a free iPod or iPhone...well that's just straight up bullshit! I just thought if I said that then you would jump in your car go there. I'd advise you to go there anyway though since their prices are so good that you'll save enough $$ to buy yourself a iPod or iPhone!!
That's NOT bullshit!

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