Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STARBUCKS,North Park: We're not responsible!

Yesterday afternoon, a week after I was robbed of my Macbook at Starbucks' @ 2899 University Ave,
I returned to the coffee shop to speak with the either the franchise owner or the head manager about the robbery. However I was told by the young Assistant Mgr. that the store was corporate owned.
He said he was unaware of robbery of March 5 or any other such incident at the store and that any loss of property while at the store is the customer's sole responsibility.When I shared with him that
SDPD told me that they've had a number of theft reports at their address, the employee was not interested in hearing anything about the topics of crime nor customer safety.

He acted as though I were there to try and engage him in some sort of rhetorical socio-political discussion while he's busy trying serve coffee. His concern about me and the theft of my property
can be summed up best by his words: "Ah Bummer...I'm sorry about that but there's nothing we can do it." and "You might try contacting the corporate office but they'll tell you the same thing: Starbucks isn't responsible for what people do, inside or outside the store."

There it is...just as I suggested the other day: This thinking/policy by Starbucks and its employees
ensures the easy access to a gold mine of sweet and easy FREE $$$$ (ie. laptop computers, iPads  and other WiFi-able devices) which predator thieves stalk and troll the streets looking for! When
they see the unsuspecting laptop geeks, blissful in their free WiFi and gourmet coffee, they see FREE /FAST MONEY!!!
I was surprisingly calm and polite as I listened to this numb skull. I didn't argue nor raise my voice  because I'd prepared myself for precisely this sort of denial and apathy. This Starbucks and other similar complacent North Park small businesses are effectively turning their town into a ghetto.
 Sure it seems far fetched and I sound like a raving lunatic..I know. Its amazing how well all those clean smooth upscale sidewalk tiles all along Starbucks help to mislead the average pedestrian
into assuming that he/she's walking in a safe neighborhood.

Last week when the Starbucks employee smiled at  me and pointed to the outdoor
patio furniture and said "You're welcome to sit outside and get online if you wish.", at a glance,
that seemed like the mark of good customer service to me. Now I know that I was deceived into believing the place was safe and I'm angry as all hell!!!In retrospect, I'd have enormous respect
for this store and its employees (and plus I'd still have my Macbook), if the employee had said,"Sorry, all our seats are taken right now and the outside seats are not recommended for
 laptop users. If you need to get online, I'd suggest that you stop by later or go up to the
other store across from the CVS drugstore."

Their oblivion or denial of the physical endangerment they themselves place their customers
into is breathtaking!! Remember - I was NOT the first and only robbery victim at this store.
 They incite/ catalyze this crime upon their unsuspecting/defenseless customers via encouraging laptop users to sit outside their store.
If these Starbucks employees truely understood the value of "customer service"  they would first consider how it impacts upon  their customer's physical safety, never mind concern  about ensuring the very best customer experience possible, then they would remove that patio furniture from the sidewalk and thereby preclude their customers the risk of being the victim of a violent crime.
Simple. ring shop ow

So now I'll procede to contact the corp. office and try to resolve this matter and absent any agreement  by them to replace my property, I'll move forward in small claims court.

Stay tuned...I've got some new photos and more insights and info as well provided to me by neighboring shop owners /managers I interviewed.

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