Monday, March 11, 2013

MM Hobos Help Disabled Motorist

The video clip you're about to see is one of those fluke surprises that I'm rarely lucky enough to shoot. Its so well timed that it looks staged but its not.

BTW this was the last video I got to shoot with my Macbook and I uploaded it only minutes before my Mac got stolen last week. :(

Let me set this up for you:
I saw David Mick last Thursday morning and he was telling me about his new sign he's been flying on MM Blvd.Its yet another one of his attempts to fly a hobo sign that will make him some hobo cash without using the familiar worn out messages used by other bums.You've all seen their signs --"Need Work Please Help", "Disabled Vet Please Help" , "Will Work 4 Food Please Help","Please Help God Bless" ,"God Bless Please Help","Help Please Please Help" etc etc.

David Mick's previous signs have been original but were too silly or too lengthy to be effective but  on this day, he had a good one. And to me that's HOBO NEWS that warrants a video interview and so I got out my laptop and started recording video of him with his sign...and then watch what happened... ;)


I'm glad to be able to share that with you. I can't speak for every Mira Mesa  hobo, but helping others is the golden rule, right? Its only human to do so and I didn't just adopt that philosophy since becoming homeless and needy and nor do I sit on my ass until someone asked me for help before I give it to them.When I see someone in need of a little help I bring it to them. (I'm not talking about $$ here,btw, but rather, physical assistance or materials/stuff that I may have to offer someone.)
Anyway, David Mick and I handed the lady about five dollars or so in change. After she pumped some gas into her gas can, I offered to walk back to her car with her and pour it into her tank.
After I gassed her tank, Bianca Koch  drove me back to where I was sitting with Randy and David. She gave us some blankets and socks and a hug and we thanked her!!
 Bianca is a homeless advocate in Ocean Beach and we were glad to meet /assist her 
in  her time of need. She's very sweet and we hope to see her again soon. 
Hey Bianca,if you're reading this please call me soon!  :)

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  1. Hey guys I just ran across this. Where are you these days? God bless. Bianca