Monday, April 1, 2013

Consulting With SDPD Re: New Rogue Display Ads...


 Although I've got a pretty good  understanding of what's good and bad,
and an even more thorough insight into both criminal and civil violations,
sometimes I like to get another and different perspective just before i'm about to 
do something "innovative" to promote my blog that might possibly raise concern from the
 fine citizens of Hobovile and/or get me some county time in jail.

My very first and only public display of info about my blog was done as follows:
 1) I used a fat black Sharpie pen and wrote my URL upon a 3ft long x 5 inch wide strip of 
clear PVC laminating film I got from the Fed Ex Office store dumpster. 
2) I used clear tape to fasten the PVC strip to the front of a utility box located
along the sidewalk. At a glance the clear film was not visible and thus it appeared as if 
I'd written directly upon the utility box (which is a crime).

Using this same method I wanted to spray paint my URL  on some laminate film and place it 
in conspicous places. It would appear as if I'd tagged the surface with a paint can and may incite some folks to call the police on me. I asked one SDPD veteran Sergeant about this idea and he shot it down.
Thanks Chuck, for throwing a wet blanket on my my new advertising ideas!
Damn it... I promise I'll consider your advice but as you know, many great ideas were 
initially viewed as rogue acts before they were finally accepted.
On the other hand, I'll be damned if I want to go to jail for
 my advanced marketing ideas ! 

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