Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hoax 911 Calls Against Mira Mesa Panhandling Hobo

Its common knowledge (at or about the 4th grade) that its a crime to 911 and LIE through your teeth for the malicious intention of getting someone arrested.

This is exactly what 's been going on over the past month by downtown dwelling heroin addict hobos who come up to MM onthe #20 bus to panhandle to buy their smack. When they step off the bus they think they own/run the streets and their strategy is very simple: If there's someone panhandling on the median they want to stand on, they whip put their cel phone, dial 911 and rave/scream for help to the dispatcher accusing the Mira Mesa hobo on the median of some violent crime.

This incident I'm discussing with Sal, the armed security guard, in the video ( above) which occurred two days ago at the intersection of Black Mt.Rd and Mira Mesa Blvd. is not an "isolated incident" nor "rare" nor  a "first time ever" incident to which the SDPD have responded. In fact, this one is the 5th or 6th such 911 hoaxes perpetrated upon David Mick in the past month.

The motive for these hoax 911 calls is always the same: these downtown-hobos come to Mira Mesa to panhandle and they're lying to the SDPD in order to maliciously have the guy who's flying a his sign on the median arrested/jailed so that they can fly their sign.

What makes this situation most serious and intolerable is that these hoax 911 calls are of the most inciteful and urgent nature intended to bring SDPD officers to a live/in-progress VIOLENT CRIME scene.These calls have accused David Mick of committing assault/battery, assault with a deadly weapon and (this one) robbery/mugging.

As one would hope and expect the cops to do,when they're dispatched to a "violent crime in progress" they treat the situation as an urgent emergency (code 3) and they get to the location as quickly as possible with lights and sirens. Often, not just one but rather two or more units arrive to the scene.
Code 3 situations present most dangerous and high-risk elements there are to a cop. Driving at high speed with lights and sirens in Mira Mesa during rush hour  (or anywhere else anytime) is insanely DANGEROUS business. When the officers arrive, they're not those friendly casual good-natured folks whom us hobos have come to know and respect. No, they're all keyed up and they're ready to pounce upon/ take down and subdue some violent asshole/perpetrator they've been called to deal with! Its the most serious, most explosive and most dangerous situation imaginable for both the cops and the alleged suspect.

If I were a one of the cops (actually I am a cop, have always been a cop, except I don't get a paycheck) who respond to these hoax 911 calls accusing David Mick of committing a robbery, the
first thing I'd want to do is to detain the "alleged victim" (asshole /911 hoax caller) in the backseat of my car while I talk to witnesses who "saw" whatever it was that never happened.

But of course there wouldn't  be any witnesses to interview since there was no actual crime for anyone to witness. However, the absence of third party witnesses and bystanders doesn't necessarily mean that no crime occurred, right? The cop must be objective...its true.

In defense of the cops who respond to allegations against David Mick, objectivity may be fleeting and difficult at times because of the indelible impressions he's made upon the North Eastern Div cops over the past year. I won't get into specifics but depending  upon the time of day and how much he's had to drink, his antics can be very disturbing. If I were him, in light of this recent trend of hoax 911 calls made against him, I'd do whatever it takes to avoid having any contact with the cops whatsoever.

The blunder committed by this hoax 911 caller, was his 'trial and error' approach in trying solicit  Sal's participation in his hoax. The hoaxer first claimed he saw David Mick rob  a lady at the bus stop.
When Sal asked him about the alleged crime, the hoaxer's answers made the allegations seem improbable and so he changed his story and claimed that he himself had been robbed by Mick.
Seems to me that the cops had sufficient reason to arrest this hoax 911 caller based upon Sal's information, yet were ready to take Mick to jail.

I've suggested several things Mick could do to avoid being victimized by these hoax 911 callers such as avoiding all of these downtown herion addict hobos and to stop getting drunk before he panhandles. However, since my advice seems to go in one ear and out the other and since Mick actually blames me of all people for his problems with SDPD, I've got nothing else to say about this entire topic.

What I can say is that until something changes out here, its only a matter of time before David Mick gets himself arrested...again. I hope I'm nearby with my cameras so I can shoot video of it all for another breaking new report from Hoboville!! :)

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