Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hobo Diatribe FInds Useful Purpose (As Infantile Humor)

I'm so sick and tired of hearing the latest death threats and obscene vulgarities uttered by the flapping gums of Chris White's yapper and it seems like every other day he's tagged more street signs and more utility boxes along Mira Mesa Blvd. with his big Sharpie markers with crazy violent/obscene vulgar about me. The only reason he gets mentioned at all on my blog is because he's the proverbial village idiot whom is bound and determined to do some really, really, really sTuPiD, stupid stuff!

I just hope I've got my camera handy when he does.In the mean time I need to upload this little video I created featuring Chris White's toothless yapper. The words are Chris White's- the puppet and
voice are my own creation.

Wow, that sounds more like Chris than Chris sounds like Chris! I can't even watch this video any more because I did the most authentic Chris White voice that  it makes my vomit whenever I hear his yapper yapping

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