Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ahhh Haaaa!! The Popular Hobo Really IS A Cop!"

It seems that for the entire time I've been homeless, most or all of the other Mira Mesa hobos have,
wondered, worried, proffered, speculated, contemplated, debated and, yes, at last, made the determination that I'm an undercover SDPD officer! The evidence they cite is most compelling:
they saw me talking to an on duty cop, they saw me riding in the backseat of a black and white
SDPD cop car, or they heard two cops mention my name. The fact that I'm the most arrested (and
perhaps the most watched/scrutinized) hobo in town, is apparently more validation that I'm a cop than to the contrary according to these paranoid hobos. Whenever they saw me getting arrested, one of them claimed that my arrests were most likely staged/theatrical acts designed to trick them all into   believing that I was a real "criminal" just like some of them are!

The very first time one of them told me this rumor, my reaction was to deny it, naturally. However, weeks later when I heard it again from two other hobos, I realized that these hobos must have conducted a thorough and rigorous, scientific investigation on me in order to dismiss my denial
out of hand.

The rumor/myth that I'm working undercover as a cop, to me, is hilarious. And because I do enjoy a good laugh at the expense of others sometimes, I only denied that rumor the first time I heard it. But since then and to this day, I do not deny any crazy rumors or myths that these insane hobos conjure up. Its been over fours years now and that myth/rumor  is more real and more alive than ever and it keeps me amused.

And now for the very first time, I feel its appropriate that I share something else about my alleged long standing career with SDPD. I think I was "promoted" this morning @ Jack in the Box! Check out this short video of myself and SDPD Sergeant Jack Didelot.

Pssssst...please don't blow my "cover" if you happen to see me on the streets. Like don't call me Officer Hobo  or Deputy Scott Hobo or some other such title. Otherwise, call me anything, anytime... just call me. ;)

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