Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just When I Start 2 Make $$$$ the PO-LEEECE CUM and BLOW IT UP!!!!!!

From the very first day I ever began panhandling/flying a sign to make some hobo cash I always put my own little innovative bullshit/spin on what I do. My signs were always a bit cuter than the other bums.... I like to draw little hearts on my signs because not only do the females like to see that  but most sincerely I TRULY FEEL GRATEFUL IN MY HEART when a person gives my hobo ass a dollar or some food or whatever they offer to me.

Well my innovations have become off the chain....over the top....absolutely original and  more profitable than I dare speak of!

I had drunken David Mick work the sign.... "MY FRIEND SCOTT ALLEN IS DEAD....

David was walking up and down the median while I was lying on my back with my arms folded across my chest like a dead man. Cash money WAS ROLLIN' ...problem is that people were calling 911 reporting a DEAD MAN IS LYING IN THE STREET...

 So here comes 7 cop cars, 2 ambulances, 1 fire engine and I believe the San Diego Cty Medical Examiner (the guy who performs autopsies and shit).

Okay so we stoppd that gig and revised it a bit. We stuffed my sleeping bag with trash and crap and zipped it up so it looked like a body bag.... CASH MONEY was ROLLIN and hwre comes the Po-leeeece AGAIN. THIS TIME THEY PUT ME AND DAVIDE MICK IN HAND CUFFS and werre gonna take put white trash TO JAIL!!!!
Fuck that!!!! I started crying like pussy/wimp and BEGGING THOSE COPS NOT  ND DAVICE

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  1. Just wondering if there will be an update soon.