Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentleman...Its Time Another Amazing News Update from Hoboville!

Perhaps I should begin this report by explaining to you why I was unable to update my blog over
the past couple of months. After the local hobos "found" stole my last Macbook, I became very
frustrated.  Soon after that, I got arrested and the cops impounded my big suitcase which contained
my entire friggin Popular Hobo recording studio.

Its a shame too, because during those few weeks, I was getting myself into more trouble and
 bullshit than I ever do. I wasn't exactly on a crime wave but perhaps I was a little annoying. I take that back--I was annoying. You know you're not in good standing with the
po-leece when they send out the female cop thug squad to wipe up the lawn with your drunken ass.
I wasn't too drunk however to feel her standing on top of me while I was in handcuffs.

First one boot and then the other and while I laid there on my back, I began to slide down the hill.
She rode me all the way down the 20 foot long grassy knowl/hill like a surf board in front of Band of America.

The image of her huge scary self standing over my helpless, harmless 150 lbs of adorability
while she chewed on a fat cuban cigar is the stuff that makes for high quality television entertainment.
Btw,that's just one brief incident among several in those 8 or 10 weeks since I last made an update.

Okay, I'll stop whining about the cops.In all fairness,and I've always said it,the cops in Mira Mesa
are nice people...patient as well.

There's a lot more to talk about and share with you and its on a positive note. Right now however I'm unsure where I'm gonna go and do... Stay tuned. I'll be back soon.


  1. Welcome back popular hobo! Keep yourself out of trouble so that we can continue to read your blog. I almost started to give up hope of your return.

  2. Seconded! Great to hear your back!

    1. Hi there loyal Popular Hobo N & E readers! I'm really trying to stay out of trouble but it follows my
      every move and then pounces on me when I'm not looking. Last week Mayor Bob Filner sneaked up behind
      me while I was busy digging down into the Big Lot dumpster and he gave me a reach around (FONDLED ME)
      in broad daylight. I was so shocked and emotionally destroyed that I drank two beers and then made up a
      hobo sign to fly in the street to raise the consciousness of society and also raise myself a little
      sympathy cash. I made $22. :D

  3. Where has Popular Hobo gone? No posts in over 1 years?!?!?! I should really stop checking this site every day :p