Saturday, August 31, 2013


When I left rehab 3 weeks ago I knew that there was a beer sitting in the cooler of the 7-11 with my name on it. That's okay...I really don't drink that much...2, 24 oz. cans of Steel Reserve 211 pethat day.
I also knew that if I wanted, I could scope some drugs. I didn't crave nor did I entertain that idea.

My problem of addiction arrived in a different form. The object of my personal addiction happens
 to drive a black and white po-leece car. She stands about 5'7" and she is a beauty queen with a badge and gun! Damnit...I"M IN LOVE OUT HERE AND I DON'T QUITE KNOW HOW TO MANAGE THIS SITUATION!
This is NOT FUNNY.
I saw her yesterday and I was up all night long thinking about her...strategizing a plan to make her my wife!! I told her straight up that BABIES ARE GOING HAPPEN...whether she likes it or not, she's eventually gonna realizer that she needs a shopping cart pushing hobo man to be her husband!
The truth is very real and very simple.
I know what I need and I'm gonna make her mine!
Believe it!
Of course anything/everything that may transpire between  myself and this law enforcement  love goddess will happen on her terms. She just doesn't quite realize how good hobo love can really be..

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