Wednesday, March 20, 2013

REHAB...What's it good for? Lemme show you.

There's a long and pathetic drawn out saga going on inmy life that I'm not gonma delve into right now it involves me trying to get into a rehab place. My feeling is that these places are good and effective for those who need them. But when the courts and the dept. of probation make it their sworn duty to try and fix the lives of hobos, their menu of options and resources doesn't always yield the precise solution to address the situation. In my case, a court order for me to go and live in some county funded rehab place so far is proving to be improbable because there aren't any beds available for hobos.

In the mean time I've been to a residential detox program  twice and after each two week stay there I
went for a couple of weeks without drinking any beer or  anything else. I've been flat out rejected from a couple of rehab places because they said that my 1 to 2 cans of 24oz. of beer per day is not what they consider to be a "drinking problem". At the detox place they said I don't need a rehab program- what I need is a good lawyer to get my probation/court order modified.

But I'm not here to piss and moan about the problems with rehabs nor to proclaim my sobriety and
superior state of wellness and sound health. I actually want to do some PR in support of rehabs because I'm here to tell ya that if you go to rehab and cannot find your higher power and cannot bring yourself to surrendor and admit that you are powerless and your life is unmanagable due to drinking or drugs, cheer up for there may be something else there that you can relate to and connect with!!

And her name is Genevieve... :D


 I ran into her just two days ago at Starbucks in Hillcrest. Each time I went to the residential detox program, she was there! I thought, by now she probably works at the place, but no, she said she's about to check into another rehab place in Lemon Grove in two days. Maybe you drunks and addicts will get to meet her! She's very cool but she can be addicting just like heroin or nicotine so be careful.

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