Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hobo Love Affairs, Romances, Friendships w/ Benefits and Drinking Buddies...

Disclaimer: The following discussion is a timely one out here in Hoboville, which will, by the carefully selected citation and analysis of actual local hobos' current and former so called relationships with other hobos of the opposite sex, attempt to clarify and dismantle many of the long held assumptions and myths surrounding the propensities of hobo behaviors, psychiatric health and their capacities for human interaction. I make no apologies nor will I held liable for any despair, sadness, hostility, nor ridicule and rumors which may propagate as a result of my exquisite and highly detailed examinations of the subjects noted and named herein.
There are lots of generalizations and stereotypical assumptions that most people make about hobos/homeless people and when we examine their relationships,

Case Study: Popular Hobo Research Science PHRS #16548-UTR.1287.23A, rev. 4
Let us begin today's lecture by exposing and digesting one particular alleged coupling of one Mr. David Mick and his occasional beer guzzling buddy named Jon Jon. Mr. Mick confessed to me one day after he had taken of adult beverages, a scene which played out on the public city sidewalk of Mira Mesa Blvd and Black Mt Road one afternoon! Mr. Jon Jon had allegedly invited Mr. Mick to adjourne from the busy noisy sidewalk and come with him back to his quiet warm home a few blocks away promising him a chance to take a badly needed shower. This, btw, is a very common ploy of sexual seduction known by most every hobo everywhere and one which Mr. Mick was seriously contemplating. "Something about the way he was smiling at me told me that he had plans other than just letting me take a shower.and it  gave me the creeps and so I told him that will pass on his invitation." Mick said.

He continued the story. "Feeling like I'd just broke his heart or something, Jon Jon stomped off across the street feeling rejected. Then he turned back around and while cars were all sitting there with their windows rolled down, and he just exploded with a passionate outburst: "YOU DON'T LOVE ME !!!!!!!!! YOU NEVER LOVED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was stunned. I didn't know whether to run and hide or to run over and kick his drunken ass while everyone around heard him yelling. I looked down at one guy in his car who was listening to this  and I told the guy, "Ya know that's the smartest thing he's said all day long!"

Case Study: Popular Hobo Research Science PHRS #1BST3646-65.dc24, rev.2

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