Monday, April 22, 2013

American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Mira Mesa/Rancho Penasquitos

Last week at Mira Mesa Blvd. & Blk. Mt. Rd., I spotted a bunch of ladies carrying signs
and wearing purple logo t-shirtsv fanned out along the sidewalk and so I grabbed my camera
went across the street to investigate.

I met Carrol and she did this short video interview to explain what she and her friends were


Relay For Life of Mira Mesa/Rancho Penasquitos
           Event Date: May 18, 2013 
Event Time: 9:00am
                                  Event Location: Hilltop Community Park

Please cut/paste this entire URL into your browser for directions and more info:

Sorry my HTMLwriting skills are rusty otherwise I'd have placed a link for you here.
 Of course this is a worthy cause--I'd bet that most all of you know of a friend or a relative whose life has
been impacted by cancer. Mine has. But this event, unlike those long walking events which 
take you from one town to another town as you walk with a few friends and meet a few more along the way, is a
2 day long event confined to the Hilltop Community Park. Seems that makes it much more intimate
and more manageable for the participants and everyone involved.

When Carrol mentioned that there will be music, tents, sleeping bags, and folks walking around in a circle
 for 2 days, she may not have considered that she was basically describing the environment in which
 we hobos live each and everyday out here in Hoboville. I'm just sayin'... :)
The only missing essentials are beer, cigarettes and shopping carts!
I may have other obligations that weekend but if  not,
don't be surprised if you see me there.
The other hobos,


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