Thursday, April 18, 2013

New "Popular Hobo News Special Report" flasher...

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I want to provide the citizenry of Mira Mesa a quick and 
useful signal and info. about actions and instructions for them to follow in the event that:

1) our friendly safe little town is invaded by a hostile entity,
2) is set on fire by rogue public teachers union officials who get pissed off when the voters decide NOT to hire certified convicted pedophiles as substitute teachers of elementary grade kids,
3)when some happy idiot decides to steal an F-18 from Mira Mar and fly it into BigLots during their big big annual mattress sale, or
4) when that skank rodent, Chris "HepB, HepC, HIV" White decides to ride his Black Harley    Chopper (beach cruiser bicycle) up the sidewalk to fry is skull on medical weed, yell obscenities
at cars and throw his beer cans everywhere like the piece of trash that he is.

The public needs one reliable news source to tune to and rely upon when these sorts of tragic terrorist events erupt without warning and I think I can do that job. My only dilemma is that stuff bad happens, its my instinct to roll up my sleeves and run into the center of the situation to help out
rather than sit back with my thumb up my ass and be a hapless hand-wringing spectator
like most folks.

I will eventually have an entire page long variety of these "Special Report" signal/flashers denoting the degrees of urgency and citizens' action that's necessary to take to be safe.

For example, if N. Korea, one day sends a suitcase nuke bomb to the B of A branch office here in MM, my "Special Report" flasher will be that of a colorful flashing mushroom cloud with a heartfelt message of best wishes and deepest sympathies for all (gulp...).

In the mean time whenver you see this photo of my pissed off face with red and blue roller-eyes and flashing lights in the background....

you know there's BAD stuff going down out here in Hoboville and that I'm either covering it or I'm involved in it! Either way, you'll know that I know stuff that you need to know about immediately.
Got that...? Good because I'm getting confused myself.

Just know this: Now you know that I know when and what you need to know when there's a need to know the stuff that I know when I know it and you'll know it when you see this flasher thingy flashing.

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